Get over it, already!

I think there comes a time in everyone’s life when we need to move on, we need to let go. It could be holding on to a relationship that isn’t working, a crush that’s going nowhere, a book that refuses to end, a friend who’s become annoying, Roxanne refusing to turn off that red light, or some other thing that isn’t worth the emotional drama. So, instead of swimming, nay, drowning in denial, I suggest you take my unsound advice and, ‘Get over it, already!’

How, you ask? In five easy steps of course. Who has the patience for anything more these days?
1) Accept that nagging feeling
Many a-times, we allow ourselves to ignore the obvious, or the not-so-obvious which should actually be obvious. That little voice in the back of your head telling you that you should let it go/ move on; guess what? That voice is, in most cases, right! Call it your gut, intuition, old wisdom, whatever else you want but the truth of the matter is, it’s right, there’s a problem here and you need to accept it.
2) Think it through… but not too much
Thinking things through is general good advice. It applies to most things. Should I get a tattoo saying ‘I love Harry Potter’?  Think it through. Should I date that guy with the cute smile and a slutty reputation? Think it through. Should I support a movement without knowing any of the details and open myself up to warranted criticism? Definitely think that one through! 
But the key, my friend, lies in not thinking over it too much. Losing too many nights sleep over it? Time to stop thinking and start acting. Over-thinking things usually leaves one extremely confused and less resolute than ever.
3) Ask for advice, but don’t necessarily take it
If you’re unsure about something, ask for someone else’s opinion. Ask a friend, ask your mom, or for those of you who are socially awkward, ask your twitter followers. Get that confusion out of your head and into someone else’s. It might not move things along but getting that thought out might just make you feel a bit lighter. Also, once you’ve heard what the other person has to say, it’s not always necessary to follow their advice, heck, I never do. I ask ten people for their thoughts but end up doing what I want in the end. This step is basically a formality, it’s so that you can rationalise your thinking by saying you sought out advice, considered all options, and charted the best course of action

4) Talk to the right person
Seeking advice is all good and everything, but if you’re having an issue with a particular person, talk to them, tell them about it, trust them enough to care about your worries. If they don’t, you’ll know that they weren’t worth the trouble in the first place. So talk to the right person. If you’re having problems with a friend, tell them about it. No amount of taking advice from movies, writing blog posts about it, or  eating tubs of ice-cream, will really solve the issue at hand. Chin up, find some courage from somewhere and have an honest heart-to-heart with the right person.

5) Move the hell on
Life’s too short, it really is. Feels like just yesterday when I was obsessing over boy bands (we’ve all been there, let’s admit it, be ashamed and move on) and within the blink of an eye, I’m going through a quarter-life crisis writing out advice that I probably shouldn’t be giving.
Life’s not going to wait for you, you sure aren’t getting any younger and with a constant worry tugging away at the back of your mind, you sure aren’t getting any happier. So, whatever it is that’s troubling you, get over it, get under it, get away from it, get rid of it, do whatever you have to, but do something, move on.
You deserve it. 

On moving on

People move on easily and so should you. Of course you should love, care and cherish but you should also learn how to swim with the tide. It could be distance, university, work, whatever be the reason, people move on and find new people to love and cherish. If you’re lucky, they won’t forget you but they will certainly have less time for you. Should you try to keep those threads as tightly knit as before? Of course, you should. Do whatever it takes, surprise them on their birthdays, write them long letters, send them personalised gifts, reminisce with them, do it all but add new people to your life. It’s very important to do that, especially for young people. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the little joys of life just because you didn’t let new people in when everyone else did. It’s usually more fun to go to a movie with a friend, coffee tastes better with conversation, and cars seem fuller with the passenger seats occupied, so go ahead and let new people in. 

Don’t forget the old ones, even if they forget you. Don’t stoop to their level. But don’t let them affect you as much, look ahead and stand tall. Open your mind to new kinds of people. The fact that they think differently shouldn’t be a turn off, it’s a beautiful thing, it will help you expand your mind. Learn from them, teach them, and maybe slowly, you’ll begin to love them. It’s ok if you don’t, you’ll at least be occupied and you can say that you tried. You tried to swim with the tide when needed and if you make it to the shore, good on you, but if you’re still out at sea, worry not, you’ll get there soon enough.