An Introduction

It was a sultry sort of afternoon when a thought fluttered across my otherwise unoccupied mind and what a novel thought it was! You could tell by the pompous manner in which this thought spoke that it was an intelligent sort of, well thought out thought with possible English ancestry (the tweed jacket and pipe were a bit of a give away). Now your probably thinking, “What did this thought say? Be a good sort of girl and get to it already!” Well, patience is a virtue my friend, so let me tell you a little background story starring a barouche, three elephants and some rather obvious noodles. “No”, you say? You just want to hear the thought instead? Well fine, have it your way then.

Getting back to this well dressed thought, it said, “My fair lady (it was a very polite and obliging thought you see), have you noticed how you have these rambling opinions about everything and anything which you like to pen down quite often in your various diaries?”

“Why yes Thought, it is one of my favourite hobbies that.” I replied, taking its tone.

“Yes, well you see, being a thought and all, I’ve been doing some thinking and came up with this idea of a consolidated journal. The basic plan is to stop taking the trouble of filing all these ramblings in your various disorganised diaries and consolidate them all under one journal with different sections for your varied reflections.”, the thought finished and took a deep drag from his pipe with a look on its face that very clearly said, ‘Oh thank god I was around to do the thinking for this poor chappie!’

“What I capital idea! You might be on to something there, thought. Yes, well done. Well done indeed. I shall set to it immediately.”

“I’m glad I could be of assistance. I’m off for now, you can go back to thinking of the heat and all that. Pip-pip.”

“Cheerio good lad, thanks again.”, I thus bid this most amusing and helpful thought farewell.

So there you have it you see, this shall be my journal where I shall pen down all my various musings for your entertaining pleasure and hopefully, a good time shall be had by all! That’s it from me today lads and ladies, I look forward to seeing you again soon. Tra-la, cheers and all that!

PS: I hope you realise you’ve missed out on some brilliant hilarity by choosing not to hear about the barouche, elephant and noodle incident. Well, some other time then.