These Days, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Shares.

We live in an age of self-publishing. It has never been easier to start a blog and share your views. Everyone is a blogger these days, and that’s great. Blogging allows talent an easy way to reach its audience. And if the audience likes what it reads, it’ll share, and the deserving message will get carried forward. But does the deserving message actually get carried forward or does the aesthetically pleasing message get carried forward?

I work with social media and the one thing that I’m constantly being told is to include visuals with everything. Posts with images are almost always likely to get clicked and shared more often that plain text posts. We have become those people—the people who will only read books with pictures in them.

Let’s stop being those people. Let’s read words for their own value. Let’s let writers be writers without having to be distracted by stock image banks. Let’s paint pictures in our heads through travelogues, without forcing travellers to get behind a lens for fear of not getting the shares and likes their words deserve.

I don’t mean for this to be an anti-photography rant. Photos often enhance the reading experience, and are at times vital to the narrative. All I’m asking is for you to give plain text posts a chance. Maybe you’ll end up with a different experience, one your imagination deserves, and one it might prefer. And maybe posts that stand on nothing but the merit of their words will get the shares they deserve.