St Andrews love

Dear Liz,

At this moment, I’m sitting on the beach, watching the waves drift in and out ahead of me, while an expanse of the oldest and most serene golf course in world stretches out behind me. I turn to the right to see a postcard town invitingly beaming at me while to my left lies miles of sand leading to a seal colony. I’ve spent the last week here in what seems like perfect harmony. A visit to a 600 year old university church, a harbour full of fish and boats, many a pubs with ale and lager, majestic castle and cathedral ruins and oh, the golf! Such… beautiful golf! A town full of gallant men, elegant women, happy old couples and ever-young students! What a trip it has been. Wish you were here, but since you are not, you must join me someday on a trip to St Andrews town.