My Favourite Links – August

My Favourite Links – August

I visited the desert. I wanted to tell you all about the arid black cracked earth and the endless horizon where you could almost see the curve of the earth and the endangered wild asses galloping away and the hot sun turning my skin to toast while the wind whipped my hair into psychedelic, annoying shapes. But I’m not feeling it. Instead, here’s five of my favourite internet links from this month:

Yoga with Adriene

This girl know how to make yoga fun and relaxing! The best part is that she’s very positive about everyone doing what they’re comfortable with. She’s got a nice sense of humour, a calming voice and a friendly face that’ll keep you motivated. So, if you’re thinking of trying out a little yoga, I’d definitely suggest starting here.

Cabochon Hotel, Bangkok

Cabochon Hotel

I recently rediscovered this charming-looking apartment hotel in Bangkok. Look at that common room! I can imagine the creativity buzzing all around on a smoky Saturday night as artists and beatniks lounge about (well, it’s more likely be full of hipsters). Read more about it here.

Lonely Girl Pancakes

Single serving pancakes

I feel this could be a book I write about my life so far. I kid. I kid. I’m not that lonely. I do love pancakes though and this does seem like a great single-serving recipe. Find it here.

University Packing List

I’m heading to uni again in a month, after a break of around 5 years! It’s going to be difficult but I’m pretty excited. While looking around for preparatory resources, I came across this great Packing List from the Student Room website. It’s pretty detailed so it saves me the trouble of starting from scratch (unlike the pancakes). Hope it helps you too.

22 Places in the UK that a Jane Austen Fan Must-See

I recently re-watched and re-read Emma for a Jane Austen book club my friends and I started. It’s wonderful how fresh the book feels each time I read it. I can’t believe I’d missed Mr Knightly’s animosity towards Frank Churchill on my previous reads. It’s so clear and apparent right from the start! I found Frank unbearable this time. What an annoying character! I also felt a little sorry for Mr Elton. He married such an awful woman I’m afraid he shall have no peace. Anyway, it was enough to make me look up this Buzzfeed post and add many of the places listed to my bucket list. Hopefully you’ll find something interesting there as well.

Until next time then!

In Melakka

If you look at it long enough, this might just make a nice photo prompt for your next post.

Wish I Was There

I took this photo while the sun was setting, and in a moment of incomprehension, found myself thinking, “I wish I was there”. That’s when I put the camera down and realised my own foolishness. I was on Lake Vembanad in God’s Own Country, Kerala, as the sun painted the sky and waters in vivid colours, as fishermen packed up and headed home, as birds cried to their fellow mates signalling a long flight, as other mindless people like me ignored it all and focused their eyes on the picture in the frame rather than the magnificence directly in front of them, and I remembered a song.