Daily Prompt: Mythical


x600He was kind like a mother

He was gentle like a lover

He was charming like another

He was intelligent like her brother

He made love like a sinner

He lived life like a winner

He raced through her mind like she was a dreamer

He was mythical. Like her.

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The Girl on the Train

She was dressed as the definition of a “Plain Jane”. She sat in the window seat of the 7.30 train going from South to Central. Nondescript headphones in her ears, she bobbed her head occasionally to the sound of the beat. You wouldn’t know it if you didn’t know her but she had the personality of someone with an asymmetrical haircut. The way her thoughts leaped towards genius, her words that cut worse than the sharpest knives and her quirks that would rival a hipster’s dream, everything about her was noteworthy but she dressed so you wouldn’t notice her at all.