Part 1 – Loss

This post is a few days overdue. Apologies.

“Your daughter has an eating disorder. It’s most likely caused by…”.

She tuned out the rest of what the doctor was saying. She didn’t need to hear it from him. She didn’t have an eating disorder. She just didn’t want to eat. It happened three months ago. She finally got tired of food. Everyone made jokes at first. “You don’t want another helping? Let me just pinch myself to see if I’m dreaming.” They could joke all they wanted and pinch as well. She was done with food. Her parents were the only ones who didn’t laugh. They were worried as soon as they noticed the change. Countless questions and probing brought nothing out. She wouldn’t say why. How could she? How do you explain a feeling you don’t understand yourself? How do you tell someone that you’ve given up trying to fill the emptiness inside you when your body looks full?

Written for the daily prompt: Write about loss.

This is the first part of a three part post. More soon.

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