And now we have posterous

I think it all started with AIM. You’d get on it if you were ‘cool’. Then you had to move to MSN to be ‘cooler’. Post that, your were pretty much a ‘loser’ if you weren’t on Yahoo and later Gtalk. At this point, the ‘super cool’ kids joined Orkut and you were obviously one of them so you jumped on board that. A brief dabble with Hi5 must’ve followed. Then came the short tryst with MySpace. By this time everyone was on everything so everyone was kind of ‘cool’. But things obviously couldn’t stay that way, so in came the mother of them all, the era of Facebook. There were rumours that random people couldn’t send you friend requests here, you had to actually know the person. “You should join”, they said, “We offer you privacy”. So, we jumped off the Orkut bandwagon and there we were, happy. While we were doing this we were also encouraged to blog, so we did. Someone somewhere felt the need for microblogging because long posts were a waste of space and voila, Twitter showed up. The ‘cool’ kids were quick to adapt, the slower ones are still trying. “Forget microblogging”, someone else said, “Let’s be snobbish about blogging”, cue Tumblr. Oh also, let’s not forget the ‘cool’ professional kats who joined LinkedIn and networked to new heights while all this was going on. And now we have Posterous which is still spreading its wings like Quora. What will happen here? Will this be the next internet phenomenon to enthral us all or will it end up as another social experiment full of inactive accounts? Let’s find out.


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